Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 155/365: In celebration of hand-made Ken Done!

Ken Done glasses, The Social Studio dress made for WKBD, Primo Emporio denim vest, hand-painted tights, Fluevogs, Ken Done umbrella.

I'm paying my *deepest* fun respects to both The Social Studio and Bec today as they have helped to create my outfit. Of course, you may be familiar with the *famous* TSS dress (it brings back memories of meeting Guru Done every time!). But let me also show you these *beautiful* crafty brooches by the talented Bec! She's literally sawed apart a Ken Done coaster, and added her own flourishes and touches. Wonderful! And, as I'm honouring two special people, I've taken my outfit today with both Done backdrops... a top and tail to the other photos for your enjoyment. xo
Liz here is a closer shot of the lady I was wearing yesterday xo
Now you can maybe see the *gorgeous* dress better!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 154/365

With portraits of women, and portraits of women in Ken Done Canteen scarves, it's going to be a good week!

Today really is all about Emma. Raquel sent in this photo of artist Emma "festooned" in Ken Done Canteen scarves. Behind Emma is a portrait of her by artist Richard Larter. I don't know about you, but my eyes keep flitting between Emma's 1980s undercut, her earrings, the portrait, and the KD scarves! Talk about Art!

In solidarity and with glee, I too wear Ken Done Canteen scarves (only 2, how little!). I have worn one scarf before, and the other has been donated by Lyndel. Look at how our KD community is growing, growing! Also, if you look closely, my shirt is actually a side profile portrait of a woman. And in true 1980s style, sequins and beads are attached to the shirt. Kicker!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 153/365: Done in the garden...

Boy-band badminton, anyone?!

We're having some friends around today for a badminton tournament. You know: beer, badminton net is the washing line, 'let' is when the shuttlecock hits the palms. Serious sport. You can also clearly see how serious I am by my Ken Done hat and glasses (Cousin Christine donated the hat). And my favourite part of the outfit? My fringe through the cap... *classy*!
And if you've not had enough of Done in the garden (I've never had enough), then check out the *gorgeous* Emma (left) and Raquel below. They are in Canberra busting out Ken Done Canteen scarves, and the ultimate-Done-rip-off in the Australis scarves. Even without trying, I've taken my own inspiration from Raquel's yellow and black. You lovelies are winners! Serious thanks for sending in the photo xo

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 152/365

Hand-made jewellery, vintage fabric headpiece, Ferah vintage dress, Jonathan Aston stockings, Fluevog, Ken Done 'clutch' (WKBD collection).

We're off to a 1920s Berlin inspired 40th birthday. Imagine the challenge of combining Ken Done with a 1920s fashion aesthetic. So this was my best shot. And here is a close up of a Ken Done sun motif 'clutch' (circa 1980) contrasting with my lady compact (circa 1920).
Speaking of sunshine and all that is bright: be *dazzled* by Tilly Taylor in my Ken Done scarf yesterday! xo

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 151/365

Hand-made earrings, Ken Done scarf, Devernois Paris dress (Mandurah Red Cross op shop), The LiP's belt, Camper shoes (given to me by Bec) and Ken Done bag donated by Cousin Christine.

I've been spending the day in Bondi, so an obligatory shot at the beach is a must. Fortunately as someone who pretty much detests beaches that are as busy with people as Bondi is, I got to instead spend my time with the terrific Taylors (and Courtney) in their lovely home, having a Friday wine. Just perfect! And for the second time this week, when I posed for the shot today, another cute(?!) little something wanted in on the action too.
As you know Fridays are all about being inspired by The Man. I'm sure you can see from the close-up of the dress pattern, just how inspired this choice is (matched naturally, to the spots in KD's scarf). And speaking of inspiration, a *special* thanks to darling Bec (who gifted me the shoes I'm wearing today!) for spotting Llea recently at the CoFA art exhibition.

Llea might not be wearing Ken Done here (but, of course, she too loves Master Done!), but she is just *right* for Inspiration Friday. Llea, you are a Friday Delight!! Thank you xo

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 150/365

Photios Brothers earrings, Ken Done silk scarf (donated by Cousin Christine), Metalicus long cardigan, Weiss skirt found in Mandurah op-shop, Fluevogs.

Ken Done in echo, echo.

Look out for the two Ken Done signatures on his silk scarf showcased today. Then there is also double-Done-trouble with the two photos of people wearing the same Ken Done scarf: Lyndel and I. Lyndel sent in this photo after visiting The Social Studio. As she said, "LOVE the work they are doing." Thanks Lyndel for playing What Ken Be Done?, and thanks to all the rest of you for staying supportive of TSS! xo

Oh, and just a note to let you know I have been *loving* your comments... I'll write back to them all tomorrow... I'm still catching my tail from travel and work juggling! xo

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 149/365

Ken Done glasses, hand made earrings, scarf from who knows where, Ken Done t-shirt donated by Cousin Christine, Howard Showers vest that I've decorated, Ken Done skirt, Ken Done bag, Simon de Winter socks, Fluevogs.

It's all happening. Four pieces of Ken Done being worn. As much colour, and patterning as possible. Yep, it's all happening!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 148/365

Ken Done Canteen scarf, handmade earrings, necklace and bracelet, vintage rings, John Kaldor Fabricmaker vintage skirt, Birkenstocks, Ken Done bag donated by Susan.

Having chosen my outfit, I'm thinking now that my head must feel like it's still in the clouds from the long flight home yesterday. Oh well, the colours in the vintage skirt and Ken Done Canteen scarf will make for a soft coming 'down to earth' this day.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 147/365

Today it's up to you all to be 'Zoning The Done' in fun ways, because I'm essentially going to be on a plane all day (that's what happens when you travel from one side of Australia to the other, and with time differences). As I'll be doing not very much other than sitting, I'm doing travel, casual Done.

(But still, I am kind of impressed that we could do this shot in front of the grape vine, especially with my matching fruit pants from a Blue Mountains op-shop.)

Now when it came time to do a 'focus photo' on the Ken Done kaftan top (also worn on a previous day in blue, which I'll find later), something walked across the shot. Fortunately wee little Meg (the LiP's niece) was so very cute, that we thought she could share the focus. Thanks Meg for your second appearance on What Ken Be Done? My how you've grown since day 12! xo

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 146/365

Today I wanted to look like a 1980s tourist. And wouldn't you know it, it wasn't at all difficult to find what I needed:
1. Ken Done boob-tube top. Check.
2. Summer sarong. Check (AND it even has Hawaiian images, which makes the LiP very happy).
3. Visor. Thanks to Pam, she had one in her stash of old tourism paraphernalia. This one was from the Gold Coast. Check (and thanks, Pam!)
4. Tourist imagery. Fortunately a black swan played it's role down at the Mandurah estuary.
5. 1980s reminder... imagine my joy when we saw this woman walking around with a Gremlins backpack. Check and Perfect!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 145/365

Glasses from Japan, hoop earrings from the US, vintage bathers, Sand Pebble of Hawaii vintage dress, Sportscraft belt, Ken Done bag, Birkenstocks.

Mandurah is a bit of a sleepy coastal town, that's quickly growing up. The Nellie Regan Memorial Hall is just around the corner from the Mandurah Op Shop *Golden Mile* and shows this suburb at its retro-best. The sign says eyes down at 7.30pm but my eyes were combing the oppies from 9am in search of Done. I had especially packed this Ken Done 'Art and Design' bag in the hope that it would give off a 'fill me with Done' kind of vibe but unfortunately the KD numbers didn't come up. Instead, the bag ended up being filled with 1980s Australian classics like Anthea Crawford and Weiss. As you can see, I'm still smiling as it's not if you win or lose, but how you play the game, and I sure enjoyed the game today! Thanks Mandurah.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 144/365: Friday greetings from Perth!

Ken Done scarf donated by Red Cross Newtown (see also Day 135/365), Elle sunglasses, Kangaroo leather earrings from Cairns art gallery, Wendy Australia sarong from op-shop, Sportscraft belt, Italian pants from op-shop.

Apologies for the later post... but I'm now on Perth time! Yep, we're over on the other side of Australia. And what a Friday welcome - it's 39 degrees! So here I am at Floreat Beach, wearing a 'Wendy' Australia sarong. And take a closer look, she even signs her name like the master, Ken Done. Talk about an Aussie 80's summer fashion copy-cat!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 143/365

Ken Done glasses and scarf (WKBD collection), Miss Shop dress from op shop, Levis jeans, Birkenstocks.

I'm doing some work today with the 'yoots'**, so without even trying, out came my 'look like an art teacher' outfits. So much so, that even this *beautiful* Ken Done scarf featured today has little artist brushes and palettes!

** The term so lovingly used for 'young people' in My Cousin Vinny. It's one of favourite movies... to know why, all you have to do is be reminded of Marisa Tomei's shoulder-pads and BIG hair. Swoon!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 142/365

Photios Brothers earrings, Lafont glasses, Ken Done scarf donated by Susan (worn Day 104/365), 'Lorac Original: A division of Lady Carol' vintage dress, American Apparel tights, Fluevogs.

"Now I believe in miracles, and a miracle has happened" today. Even in monochrome, Ken Done is *right* for every occasion!

(Happy Birthday, darling LiP xo xo)