Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 127/365

Donne Gollan Sydney denim jacket (given to me over 15 years ago), Quizz Again cowboy-style shirt (and really, there is a tag inside this shirt that says 'copyright' - as if people wee going to steal the idea!), Dalkeith Melbourne shorts, RM Williams belt (stolen from the Live in Photographer who is MIA), Jonathan Aston tights, Camper boots, and Ken Done briefcase-style bag (donated from Susan).

They say to run a good race, what you need is adequate preparation. Well if that's the case for the "Day/Race that stops the nation," then I'm not off to a good start. You see, my 'Live In Photographer' went out this morning, leaving me with a temperamental tripod. Result 1 - a *new* photo angle! Also when I awoke this morning it was raining cats and dogs, meaning I couldn't wear the outfit I most wanted to today. Result 2 - a pulled together outfit! And given this, the cowboy boots on my shirt is about as 'horsey' as I could get! Now I've only just realised you can hardly see the Ken Done briefcase-style bag that I have as my accessory today! Result 3 - trust me, and I'll post another shot later!
Thankfully however, I do have this wonderful shot in my file:
Happy Melbourne up Day! Like me, take it easy folks!


Anonymous said...

shame on your live in photographer, great outfit though....complex

it looks like your deliberatley posing to squeeze in the frame!

Lyndel in Melbourne said...

fantastic Cup Day outfit, and don't worry it is also damp and cold in Melbourne, so I'm guessing there will be a few outfit changes everywhere today. Look forward to an update pic of the 'briefcase'.
Hope you all pick a winner today.

birdmonkey said...

I like the new angle- I don't like looking down on you!

It use is a temperamental spring- I though it had gotten to hot for jeans- but no it very cool over here in Marrickville

What Ken Be Done? said...

Oh, look how *nice* you all are about my flustered state, and momentary loss of focus on Ken Done. You Done-doers are so great!

And yes, Anon, shame on my Live In Photographer indeed. Having their own life. As if.