Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 127/365 (2): On the day I forgot to really show the Ken Done item...

Ken Done briefcase-bag donated by sister-in-law Susan and Ken Done umbrella from the WKBD collection.

I think I've learnt a valuable lesson today. Which is to say I've learnt that it doesn't really work for me on those occasional days when a person is supposed to dress up and do something. You know, 'It's Halloween, everyone dress up,' or 'It's Melbourne Cup** Day, so put on a hat'. When these days happen they often don't fit with my mood of what I'd like to create that day in fashion and look... and so I get a bit waylaid... And then I do things like not show the *wonderful* Ken Done bag that is my focus of the day. It's a good thing you folks are patient with me, then :-)

** I like that in my earlier post I called it 'Melbourne up Day.' I'm thinking of keeping it like this in my brain from now on: The 1st Tuesday in November is Up Day... so be up and have fun!

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oh the colours