Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 128/365

Photios Brother jewellery, Jean LaFont glasses, Ken Done dress (from Asquith op-shops), Zara basic dress, Oroton belt (both from op shops), The Social Studio leggings, Diesel shoes.

A lunch-time post to share.
Photo 1: Exposing my Ken Done summer dress.
Photo 2: Me pretty happy being green with a more subtle 'glimpse' of Mr Done's beautiful clothing artwork.

And why am I SO happy? Well my leggings are from The Social Studio's second collection, and I *love* them! Check out the neon colouring! Marvel at the quality and general *goodness* one has when wearing them! Quickly, go out and buy some yourself :-)

And if you are possibly still not convinced about just how *great* TSS is (but I seriously doubt that you don't already know, of course!) then watch the video found here (Story 6). Now that's what I'm talking about... more *good* evidence why it's such a *joy* to support this charitable social venture!


Lyndel said...

I am 'green' with envy ! lovely.

Anonymous said...

I have the sudden urge to go out and buy a pine lime splice.
I love pine lime splice
David M

Reliving the 80's said...

Lime green is my favorite colour! Love it :-)

Anonymous said...

That Green is almost flourescent!!!!
and the TSS video is awesome; what a great charity.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Note to self: Wear more green. The brighter, the better. Gets you great compliments, makes people happy and generosity abounds! Thanks all. xo