Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 131/365

Ken Done glasses, hoop earrings from Hawaii, Ken Done scarf (bought yesterday from Smith Family Newtown op shop, thank you), robot necklace from Young Blood market, vintage Fiorucci vest, Promenade shirt dress, leggings (from Dimmeys), leg warmers (Jessica), Fluevogs, ring from Glynis (donation to WKBD).

Sorry, things all got a little bit out of hand...
First - there was rain, rain, rain this morning.
Second - we had a car-run to pick up more Ken Done goodies.
Third - we made our way to exciting Cockatoo Island for Lisa's 40th. All shots from the island. See me with a wine in my hand? It's a Ballabourneen Viognier as suggested by Yuri. We all had much fun at the party! The island is a bit of a treat (even when grey).
Fourth - well it's now almost midnight. Many hours have passed from when we left the island (thank you Antonia for the bonus fun)! What can I say? I had Ken Done on... I can't be held responsible! Good night.


Anonymous said...

was that your first drunk post Jackie?

Lyndel said...

well, I'm sorry about the weather, but seems you had a good day, a very good day!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Drunk post? You mean *drunk* on fashion, right?! :-)

Ah yes, glorious fun times... and I must say - even for myself - I think I did quite *good* to make this Ken Done nylon scarf work well... it's a pretty big cross between the KD style we know and love and some tacky Gold Coast souvenir.

(And don't anyone tell me there's no difference between my two comparisons... I'm 131 days into proving that just *wrong* !!)