Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 132/365: The day Lyndel made WKBD $20!

Ken Done 'wear two ways' anorak (see also Day 3/365), Yves Saint Laurent scarf and Montterosso t-shirt (both from op shops),Sportscraft belt, M.T. Designs kilt, Simon De Winter legwarmers, Ben Sherman shoes ('borrowed' from the Live In Photographer).
Today's post is *really* about presenting to you Lyndel. As you all know, Lyndel provides regular What Ken Be Done commentary. But she doesn't just stop there... No, Lyndel has also:
* donated money to WKBD & The Social Studio
* she has purchased from our supporter eBay charity sales
* she has sent in Ken Done and other 1980s Aussie goodies for me to wear...
* and now she has emailed in her own Ken Done styled outfit!

So check out *lovely* Lyndel with not one, but TWO Ken Done glorious scarves, and also a Jenny Kee bag. I can't take my eyes off the bag; sweet find, Lyndel!

Now Lyndel claims she is just a "Melbourne Granny" but I think we can all agree she's rocked this outfit! Thank you Lyndel, you truly are a WKBD Done-nette extraordinaire :-)

Last but not least - A. Fan - Lyndel has kept up her side of the agreement. Your turn now to pay up $20! The Social Studio and all of us will *love* you for all the *good* support! :-)


rachel said...

Lyndel! you go girl!!

A. Fan said...

Lyndel you are a *winner* (as jackie would say).

So I have just donated $30. $10 for each bit of fashion in your photos.

i reckon you're now the new Queen Done-Nut!

Lyndel said...

well... thank you, A.Fan, very generous of you. I just LOVE this blog and I wish I could do a little more to help Jackie and her cause. I'm going to Sydney next weekend, but doubt I'll find any KD in the Op Shops, Jackie seems to have them all sussed out. However, I did manage to find 2 different CANTEEN bandanas yesterday down here.
thanks for being a good sport with the donation, you up for a 'return challenge?' . ~ L.

birdmonkey said...

Woo Hoo Lyndel!
KD in op-shops is so difficult! especially of you don't have any practice at looking for and recognising his patterns.
A question Jackie: Do all Canteen scarfs count? I found one which had the Done logo but the pattern was designed by Industrie? Count as a Done item?

What Ken Be Done? said...

birdmonkey - anything counts that we want to count! I'll take any KD Canteen scarves because technically they have his signature, and it's reinforcing all the causes he supports, etc. Plus all the colours help for some 80s-ish inspirations.

I figure as long as you all keep watching, making comments, having fun, and supporting TSS, then I reckon we can make the rules up as we go along! Plus, I'm going to take all the Canteen scarves and make something *spectacular* out of them - so that will be *good* too!

Oh, and of COURSE, three cheers for Lyndel and A. Fan! Yeay, yeay, yeay!

A. Fan... I think you got a WKBD *good* challenge. What say you? :-)

birdmonkey said...

Each time I go to an op-shop I think you might have gotten there before me! Pymble Red Cross, the Buddhist oppi in Newtown, from the 80’s designer left overs I would say you are not collecting Perri Cutten. KD is hard to find, even canteen scarfs! I have taken to asking the ladies directly and they usually say that you have already been. I think the 80’s cuts really don’t quiet suit my body shape – “the brick” according to Trinny and Suzanne. Would you like George Gross? I am thinking of extending my donations to any 80’s fashions.

What Ken Be Done? said...

George Gross is the bomb, birdmonkey! Love him! (See Day 60/365 (2))

Yeah, finding Ken Done is hard... that's what makes it such a *good* challenge! And seriously, thank you for asking the op-shop staff directly... I'm so chuffed that you are all being s supportive and *great* about this all! xo