Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 134/365

Ken Done glasses, Ken Done scarf (see also Day 105/365), Esprit shirt sample, Bonds singlet, Ken Done Canteen scarf as belt, vintage Possum brooch, vintage Exmoor Creations Melbourne skirt (from Pymble op-shop), Fluevog & George Cox clog shoes.

I hassled my Mum for this wee little 1980s possum brooch for about a decade. Love her, she finally caved and let me have it! So hooray for my Mom who truly was *inspirational* in the 1980s with her combined blue and pink eye shadow, the very same pink as my Ken Done Canteen scarf today. She also had a rockin' perm too... makes me think I should try and find a photo. Stay tuned :-)


Lyndel said...

Oh so pretty in pink today!

Anonymous said...

love the goggles!! love the pink too!! love the mismatched socks!!!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Matching is so over-rated.
Ken Done is too often under-rated.
Bring these two ideas together, AND What Ken Be Done is born!!