Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 136/365

Ken Done glasses, earring from California, hand-made necklace, Ken Done silk scarf (donated by Cousin Christine), vintage Japanese kimono top (might actually even be for a child!), Cue bubble dress, bracelet from Argentina, pigenhole ring, Fluevog shoes (Sole Devotion).

If there's a 'problem' with some Ken Done scarves, it's that they can have such a detailed picture featured on them that it can be hard when wearing it, to actually see and understand the whole image. Still, it's a problem I'm very *happy* to try and deal with. And as you can see today, I solve this 'issue' by just adding more colour, pattern and detail!

For Remembrance Day, check out this amazing UK initiative by The Royal British Legion. Their idea is to get their clip, which features a 2-minute silence, to top the music charts and raise money and awareness of 11/11. Creativity and social purpose: *amazing*

Many have said to me that more 'silence' from my outfits all year round would be a public *good* too. Sorry, it's not gonna happen :-)


ann said...

crazy good jackie

Lyndel said...

KD *loud* is good loud!

What Ken Be Done? said...

THANKS SO MUCH!!! Ooops, guess I was shouting there. Gee I must be loud like, all of the time :-)

(Well, *loud* for supporting The Social Studio.)