Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 137/365

Head-scarf as bow from op-shop, vintage hoop earrings from Shag, Lafont glasses, Ken Done t-shirt, vintage Nova Australia dress, Birkenstocks.

Well my 'Live in Photographer' (LiP) is sick today, so it's a short post as I have apparently caring duties to attend to, like going to buy chocolate. Mmmm, how sick I really wonder?!

But even when there are sniffles, sore ears and throats to be dealt with, I can get inspiration from this Ken-Donesque Nova dress I found recently in an op-shop. The dress even has that whole 1980s drop-waist thing happening (I chose to pin it up a bit here in the shot... I don't I have the energy for drop-waist fashion today I'm afraid!). And what actual Ken Done am I wearing? Well it's my shirt as shown also on Day 69/365. At least this time I got to spunk it up a bit! Now off to get the chocolate AND vitamin C!


Anonymous said...


Monique said...

Jackie, I've recently moved from Oz to the US and have been thrift shopping. Last week I saw a pair of Ken Done fabric covered shoes. If I'd known about your blog then, I would have snatched them up and posted them to you! Next time definitely!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Monique: Ken Done fabric-covered shoes? I could barely breathe when I read this!! Ken Done shoes are like an *oasis dream* of mine... I know they might be out there, but it all just may be a myth too!

Fingers crossed for next time!

Thanks for the comments :-)

Lyndel said...

Monique!!!!! Nikki my dear, don't ever ever pass up a KD ANYTHING, without first consulting ME. ok?...
hope the whole U.S.A. things going fine and you haven't frozen yet.♥