Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 140/365

1980s fish earrings from op shop, Ken Done Canteen scarf, Esprit singlet, vintage Laura Ashley jumpsuit, vintage silk tie belt, Ken Done tote donated by Susan, Fluevog samples (from Sole Devotion).

It's the Monday Morning Good-News Bulletin:
Top story: I love jumpsuits!
News feature: Look closely at how well matched my Ken Done Canteen scarf is to my vintage onesie. I also took the time to match the look with decorative 1980s fish earrings. Classy!

Financial Insight: You can now donate money using PayPal. If you already use PayPal for eBay, this is as simple as a few clicks. Remember, every dollar goes directly to supporting the young people accessing The Social Studio. And it's a tax deduction. *good* news for all!

Photos: I've updated the Quick Look Book. Love to hear what you think.

The Social Pages: What a gorgeous Sunday I had meeting Lyndel for the first time in person and my friend Emily in Erskineville. Turns out Lyndel is Emily's partner's Mum. We all spent many an hour catching up and sharing regaling tales of op-shopping. And here is Emily modelling her Mum's Maggie Shepherd 1980s outfit... now donated to What Ken Be Done. Thanks lovelies xo


Popsie said...

Looks like this week's theme is onsies or jumpsuits.
That is not a bad thing. I can never get enough jumpsuits.

popsie said...

i just checked the quick look book thingo again too. its great to sit back and watch all that Done coming at you for 3minutes.have you thought about doing a favourite outfit poll?

Lyndel said...

oh what a fun afternoon that was! I'm off to search some more shops this week for even more KD, hopefully!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Favourite outfit poll? Not a bad idea Popsie, I'll see what I can rustle up! Perhaps we ought to do a 'please never that sh*t again' either poll too! :-)

Go Lyndel! *good* luck on your KD hunting! May the force of the 80s be with you xo