Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 150/365

Photios Brothers earrings, Ken Done silk scarf (donated by Cousin Christine), Metalicus long cardigan, Weiss skirt found in Mandurah op-shop, Fluevogs.

Ken Done in echo, echo.

Look out for the two Ken Done signatures on his silk scarf showcased today. Then there is also double-Done-trouble with the two photos of people wearing the same Ken Done scarf: Lyndel and I. Lyndel sent in this photo after visiting The Social Studio. As she said, "LOVE the work they are doing." Thanks Lyndel for playing What Ken Be Done?, and thanks to all the rest of you for staying supportive of TSS! xo

Oh, and just a note to let you know I have been *loving* your comments... I'll write back to them all tomorrow... I'm still catching my tail from travel and work juggling! xo


Anonymous said...

both ladies look hot.

Lyndel said...

thanks Anonymous.
Must say Jackie wears hers with such 'flair'. Glad we could be Done-doubles today.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Done-double, Double-trouble, Double-Done-done!
Dare you you to say that!
(And yes, clearly I'm, still riding a 1980s high.)

Lyndel, you rock!