Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 151/365

Hand-made earrings, Ken Done scarf, Devernois Paris dress (Mandurah Red Cross op shop), The LiP's belt, Camper shoes (given to me by Bec) and Ken Done bag donated by Cousin Christine.

I've been spending the day in Bondi, so an obligatory shot at the beach is a must. Fortunately as someone who pretty much detests beaches that are as busy with people as Bondi is, I got to instead spend my time with the terrific Taylors (and Courtney) in their lovely home, having a Friday wine. Just perfect! And for the second time this week, when I posed for the shot today, another cute(?!) little something wanted in on the action too.
As you know Fridays are all about being inspired by The Man. I'm sure you can see from the close-up of the dress pattern, just how inspired this choice is (matched naturally, to the spots in KD's scarf). And speaking of inspiration, a *special* thanks to darling Bec (who gifted me the shoes I'm wearing today!) for spotting Llea recently at the CoFA art exhibition.

Llea might not be wearing Ken Done here (but, of course, she too loves Master Done!), but she is just *right* for Inspiration Friday. Llea, you are a Friday Delight!! Thank you xo


Anonymous said...

its all busy today jackie

Little Dog said...


What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: busy Llea, busy Bondi, a busy pooch and me - just so simple, really!

As for Little Dog... if only that 'yap' could be translated. I'm thinking your saying, 'Support The Social Studio Please!' Such a good little dog :-)