Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 152/365

Hand-made jewellery, vintage fabric headpiece, Ferah vintage dress, Jonathan Aston stockings, Fluevog, Ken Done 'clutch' (WKBD collection).

We're off to a 1920s Berlin inspired 40th birthday. Imagine the challenge of combining Ken Done with a 1920s fashion aesthetic. So this was my best shot. And here is a close up of a Ken Done sun motif 'clutch' (circa 1980) contrasting with my lady compact (circa 1920).
Speaking of sunshine and all that is bright: be *dazzled* by Tilly Taylor in my Ken Done scarf yesterday! xo


Lyndel said...

well Tilly is gorgeous!
1920s Berlin party, wow you look Wunderbar!.. spare a thought for Emily, she actually ARRIVES in Berlin today.

julia said...

What is this? The week of gorgeous little ones!!!!

And, I can't believe it, but you have managed to make Ken Done & the 1920s work together. Very good work.

Anonymous said...

The outfit is a triumph!
David M

What Ken Be Done? said...

Emily in Berlin! How exciting Lyndel... imagine all the Western Germany vintage she might chance upon! Mondi, mondi, mondi!

David M, you just know how to give a 1980s gal in another decade a compliment! xo

Julia, my approach is to get the wee little children into Done as early as possible... an important early *education* is really the key, they say! :-)