Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 153/365: Done in the garden...

Boy-band badminton, anyone?!

We're having some friends around today for a badminton tournament. You know: beer, badminton net is the washing line, 'let' is when the shuttlecock hits the palms. Serious sport. You can also clearly see how serious I am by my Ken Done hat and glasses (Cousin Christine donated the hat). And my favourite part of the outfit? My fringe through the cap... *classy*!
And if you've not had enough of Done in the garden (I've never had enough), then check out the *gorgeous* Emma (left) and Raquel below. They are in Canberra busting out Ken Done Canteen scarves, and the ultimate-Done-rip-off in the Australis scarves. Even without trying, I've taken my own inspiration from Raquel's yellow and black. You lovelies are winners! Serious thanks for sending in the photo xo


DJ Done said...

oh yeah! jackie is in da house

Lyndel said...

not sure about 'BoyBand' look... needed a bandana or something to 'lift' it. Maybe you vould have borrowed Raquel's great bag, now that I DO LIKE!! thanks for sharing your photo, Raquel and Emma.