Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 155/365: In celebration of hand-made Ken Done!

Ken Done glasses, The Social Studio dress made for WKBD, Primo Emporio denim vest, hand-painted tights, Fluevogs, Ken Done umbrella.

I'm paying my *deepest* fun respects to both The Social Studio and Bec today as they have helped to create my outfit. Of course, you may be familiar with the *famous* TSS dress (it brings back memories of meeting Guru Done every time!). But let me also show you these *beautiful* crafty brooches by the talented Bec! She's literally sawed apart a Ken Done coaster, and added her own flourishes and touches. Wonderful! And, as I'm honouring two special people, I've taken my outfit today with both Done backdrops... a top and tail to the other photos for your enjoyment. xo
Liz here is a closer shot of the lady I was wearing yesterday xo
Now you can maybe see the *gorgeous* dress better!


birdmonkey said...

Love the brooches Bec- hurrah for the hand made and the craftevolution

birdmonkey said...

PS- there is this audience voter competition to win a $100k and meet Oprah... The Social Studio made it to the final group. Its a tough call so many great groups and projects.


liz said...

I love it all today Jackie. Thank you for the updated photo of yesterday's outfit too, I can really see the lady now.

Lyndel said...

thanks Birdmonkey, I just placed my vote and added a link to my f/book page too.