Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 156/365

The truth is, Oprah and I have quite a bit in common. You know, things like we clearly both like the colour red, we both like 1980s style, and we both care about HIV/AIDS (It's World AIDS Day today). But imagine just how *happy* I was to work out that Oprah Winfrey thinks The Social Studio is AMAZING, and well deserves $100,000! As birdmonkey wrote and told us all yesterday, TSS is in the running to receive much needed funding, and being part of the Oprah show in Australia. So if you have a Facebook account, please vote!

Help us win $100,000 for The Social Studio, and we can also realise Enza's dream of meeting Oprah!

(Today I'm wearing my Ken Done Canteen scarf donated by birdmonkey as my headscarf... thanks so much! xo)

(Oh, and I'm pretty convinced Oprah loves Ken Done too!)
And if you want to read more about the competition TSS are in, click here. Please vote and share this competition with EVERYONE! :-) Oprah NEEDS a TSS outfit!


Jim said...

woweee Jackie! You are about the only hot thing in Sydney on this first day of summer!
10/10 for that outfit.

Bec said...

You look great Jax

birdmonkey said...

Love Oprah's hair and eyebrows- it looks like she darken them with pencil... something my mother explained to me early on that I never had to do.

Lyndel said...

oh RED is so festive on you Jackie. Voted for TSS on facebook and added a link to my own facebook page in the hope of getting a few more votes for Grace.

Anonymous said...

I feel it in my waters that both you and Enza will be meeting Oprah in person - I wonder who will outdo whom?!