Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 157/365

Vintage top from op shop, Ken Done pants (which Bec helped me to find), Camper shoes.

Tropical flower motif, because it feels like we are living in the tropics during monsoon season. Wet, humid, wet. OK, I'm being a bit dramatic, but it does make conjuring outfits a little trickier... it's all about trying to keep your feet dry, but not overheating either. How do you think I've gone?

It's a good thing Ken Done loves the tropics because he's made some very light cotton pants (see the matching top on Day 124/365) which is my object of choice today. Speaking of the man, I found out yesterday when he was doing an interview for ABC Local Radio Darwin (WKBD got a plug on the website too!) he lived in Maclean for some time as child. I've been there whilstdoing What Ken Be Done - if only I'd known - I would have set up a shrine or something! :-)

Oh, and I know many of you have already voted for TSS meeting Oprah and winning $100K, but please also keep passing the voting details onto friends, colleagues and all! Grace is currently coming a close second! Thank you xo

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floral greatness