Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 158/365

On no (oh yes!), it's an overload of neon!

I'm wearing so many *exciting* pieces today for a fun inspiration Friday, and so I'd like to draw your attention to just a couple of my key neon items, like:

** my 1980s neon headband donated by birdmonkey. Love it!

** my neon bodysuit that I scored in a Manly op-shop. 1980s swimsuits, we love you!

** the silk skirt from.... The Social Studio, made by Helen. Gorgeous! TSS: Getting closer and closer to winning $100K every day!

** Ken Done glasses matching my stockings, matching my Done 1990s bag donated by Ken & Judy Done.

** my neon blue scarf celebrating International Day of People with a Disability. Rob, this one is just for you... I hope you like how I've incorporated it into my 'look'!

Happy Fluro Friday xo


Anonymous said...

nice one.

doc said...

ummmm yeah

thats all so nice



so bright - yeah

Lyndel said...

wow today's blog should have come with a health warning.. do not open before putting on protective eye wear!.. .. .. but I love it. Well *Done.
Now a question, what Ken be Done? with a KD single bed doona cover? I could not leave it at the Oppy brought it home, washed and ironed, and now?? ??

birdmonkey said...

I agree Lyndal- those doona covers are actually rare... I have been crafting with a pillow case... item heading to What can be Done soon.