Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 160/365

Handmade earrings, Ken Done head scarf and dress scarf donated by Cousin Christine, RM Williams shirt found in an op shop, vintage dress and jewellery, Fluevogs.

Sunday relaxation in pinks, reds, and fluorescents... And should I have a spot to eat, then I can use either my head or middle scarf as a napkin, because that's actually what they are! Ken Done, you and your art are a catch!
Yesterday the party was at The Boilerhouse Restaurant at Q Station in Manly. It was an amazing day, and I wanted to share a photo of Jan, Joan (middle) and myself. It was Joan's 80th, and talk about her celebrating in style: with a fuscia pink shirt, white beads and champagne to boot! I've known Joan and Jan since I was three years old, when we first arrived in Australia, and we've continued to keep having fun since then: so cheers to them! And Sunday cheers to you!

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Liz said...

You know so many interesting people Jackie!