Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 161/365

Earrings from op shop, Ken Done tablecloth, wooden ring from Jo, vintage bracelets, Fluevogs.

It's a day in which I need to be tippy-tapping at a computer keyboard all day... so I'm wearing my Ken Done Typing Toga! This dress has been fashioned from a Ken Done tablecloth I found in a Penrith op-shop a couple of months ago. Lyndel, this is one of the many options for a large piece of Ken Done cloth... and we all *so* look forward to what you have come up with as well!


Anonymous said...

Typing Toga! Love it! Wish I had one!

Anonymous said...

When I spoke to you on the phone today I heard three things:
- Joy in your voice;
- Essence of Purple leggings;
- The anticipation of romanesque typing.

I now see why!
Good day all round.
David M

Lyndel said...

Looks fantastic Jackie. Craft was never my 'thing' especially nothing creative, and I've added a slightly damaged (unrolled hem), silk KD scarf to the collection today... ..

What Ken Be Done? said...

What lovely comments to get on a Monday! Talk about a *wonderful* beginning of the week!

David M, you are a treat!

And Lyndel, aren't you just scoring Ken Done item goals at the moment?! I just love hearing stories about making a KD find :-)