Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 162/365

Australian Annie Lantz shirt (Penrith op shop), vintage belt (UK), Anthea Crawford skirt, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag, Ken Done pencil case (WKBD collection).

Here's my fashion tribute to children's show hosts, especially today with the death of the creator of Mr Squiggle, Norman Hetherington. Good thing I have my very own Ken Done pencil case to pay homage to Mr Squiggle, Australian creativity and general frivolity! It would be fair to say that Mr Squiggle taught me you could take just a couple of simple lines and turn them into *anything* you wanted. Clearly Mr Done was listening to that lesson too! Now as Blackboard would say, 'hurry up' and get out there and have a *great* day xo


Anonymous said...

i love it!

Joanne said...

I love this outfit Jackie - It is very stylish!!

Goodbye Mr Squiggle

Lyndel said...

oh Miss Pat.. err I mean Miss Jackie what a lovely outfit you have on today, and what a lovely tribute to dear Mr.Squiggle, may he now Draw In Peace.♥

Skb said...

A fabulous outfit Jackie - classy, colourful and elegant. Delightful really!