Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 163/365

Ken Done glasses, vintage necklace, Jacki MacDonald dress, brooch from Made Newtown, Ken Done leggings (donated by Ken & Judy Done), Sportscraft bangle, Camper shoes.

Gasp! Have I actually tattooed Ken Done art onto my body? Oh no look, it's actually just pale skin-tone KD leggings embossed with pink designs!!

How lucky I feel to be able to wear these *smashing* lycra 1980s leggings with an original Jacki MacDonald dress that I found recently in Penrith (my new op shop haven). Oh Jacki, if only Hey Hey It's Saturday the television show realised, like your own fashion designing, that the moment has passed and you are better now remembered as retro...
And now presenting the super-stylings of Jo! She's not only wearing a certain gorgeous Ken Done round bag (Thank you VERY much for your support of WKBD, Jo x), but she's also showcasing her very own 1950s designed dress she made herself. No wonder she paid a visit to The Social Studio: everyone could all talk about *good* sewing and fashion skills with one another!

Hooray for The Social Studio and Hooray for Jo!


Lyndel said...

well done Jo. you look great, as does Jackie today, as always. I just heard about the Moral Fairground weekend at Fed.Square Melbourne this coming Sat & Sun 11th/12thDec. and The Social Studio will also be there, so if yr in Melbourne maybe pop along and hope they don't get washed away with this wet weather. -- for more details.

Joanne said...

Thanks Lyndel and Jackie. I did my best to channel the creative energy of Jackie's and of course Ken's - both a wonderful source of inspiration!

Unfortunately I can't make the Moral Fairground - but it does look good. I was only visiting the vibrant and amzaing city of Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

Great dress Joanne. Jackie I love how all these people are going along to get their photo taken at the TSS. I'm going to have to get on down to MelbournE MYSELF!

A.Partner said...

Hey Jackie! That's my brooch you're wearing. A. Partner