Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 165/365: Advance Australia: 200 days remaining of What Ken Be Done!

Today's late post is because we've spent the day trekking from Melbourne down to Frankston. My Inspiration-Friday garb is this Fun Lovers dress... which is so deceptively Ken Done-ish I thought when I bought it years ago that it might have actually been made by The Man. Of course, now that I have 165 days of Ken Done wearing experience, I *know* this is not a KD original! 200 days left of What Ken Be Done...
Yesterday we paid a visit to The Social Studio, and I couldn't believe my *luck* when I got to meet Nicole, who actually made this KD-fabric remixed design skirt. As SKB commented yesterday, the skirt has an absolutely gorgeous box pleat feature, and Nicole only learnt to sew when she came to Australia. Amazing!
In our travels we also spotted a Ken Done t-shirt... 'Live KD Spotting' by me, finally!
Also, it's *good* to see Ken Done continuing all his charitable work with this partnership with Kiehls, but look closely at the sign below... sounds a little bit familiar, yes?!!


Lyndel said...

Well Done* on the live spotting, what a fab day.

Liz said...

Great photos today Jackie. I do enjoy your stories when you travel.Nicole from TSS looks like a lovely girl too!

I was also wondering if the Social Studio make clothing to order? If I were to give them some fabric, could they make me some nice skirts?