Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 167/365

Staying at my Mum's I get to have my own Sunday with Oprah today (fingers crossed for The Social Studio!). I'm going Ken Done wool jumper casual (donated by The Guru and Judy Done).
Michael's 75th Birthday celebrations yesterday had a pirate overtone, and how *fortunate* it was that I had a Ken Done scarf my step-father could use to 'complete his look. Arghh, pretty scary, me boy! (And no, he doesn't always look so grumpy, but he does always look like the sea captain he used to be.)
And my nephew, Oliver was so pleased with the dressing up, he had to have his very own try! (The Ken Done scarf was donated originally by his Mum too!) I've said it before, and I'll say it again: there's a Ken Done for every occasion!


Anonymous said...

ARGH! I would do what ever your step dad ordered me to do!

Lyndel said...

There you are, proving ONCE AGAIN, that you can never have Enough KD scarves. Thank You, and I must say the men in your family look great in KD.
The lovely jumper was perfect for a relaxing Oprah Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Your nephew is very handsome...a little *spunk*. It is great that KD suited all generations really - same outfit and different ages works well.