Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 169/365

You all know I enjoy my yoga, and so today I combining two tributes:
1. Happy 92nd birthday BKS Iyengar (I'm hoping in my later years I'm doing as well as this!), and
2. Well Done to The Guru for making white sailboat exercise-type shorts!! (Does the pattern look familiar? Oh yes, I've already shown off a black shirt in the same style.)
Oh, and just for the record, I thought I'd better go off to work in something more 'professional'! Great skirt Ken Done, and have a relaxing day, peeps! xo


sarah said...

Wow! Look at you - great headstand for a great cause! And Happy Birthday Guruji

Stef said...

You put my practice to shame! Amazing :-)

Anonymous said...

SHOW OFF!!!! :-P

birdmonkey said...

great head stand!
BKS you rocked my world! Happy Birthday!
Jackie can you post a detail of the pattern on that skirt?

Lyndel said...

wow! I thought my computer was upside down this morning!

Martin said...

oh wow....i want those shortsssss!!!!