Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 170/365

Now before you go to say, 'well that's a bit plain,' consider this please: Like creating a centrepiece for the table, today I've gone with creating a centrepiece for this outfit by re-crafting Ken Done bikini bottoms!
My Live-In-Photographer keeps telling me it is like a Ken Done-meets-Star Trek look. All I know is I wish I'd done my hair like this, this morning! :)


Joanne said...

Well I'm impressed by your wonderful restyling of a pair of bikini bottoms!

I like the outfit - classic and understated with a touch of true Jackie creativity!

Popsie said...

Jackie, you have boldly gone where no man (or woman) has gone before.... a bikini bottom worn as a top... worn to work... you are a brave genius!

Although I do wonder, What would Ken say??

Lyndel said...

I'm lost for words!

Anonymous said...

At least 'getting your bikini line Done' will now be less painful.
David M

Courtney said...

Jackie! This is a new a better take on "she wears her heart on her sleeve". She wears her gusset on her shoulder!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Gosh, if I'd have known that there was this much excitement for re-fashioning items in this way, I would have started much earlier! Oh hold on, I still have just less than 200 days to go... I reckon I can fit much much more randomness in yet!

You people are just lovely, and I LOVE the humour! xo