Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 171/365: Introducing What Ken Be Done 2.0

Oh no, I've been replaced by a younger, cuter model! But wait - it's actually my gorgeous niece Mia who has *fantastically* agreed today to create a special outfit to showcase these smaller Ken Done shorts donated by The Guru Done himself. I'm truly proud of Mia for busting out a hip and happening casual style, and can I let the record show it was actually me who helped in making sure her sneakers had neon, odd-colour shoelaces. I'm starting the education young! :)

Thanks Mia, and I hope your class mates are excited by your *good* deeds in helping out me and The Social Studio when you share this in Show & Tell today. xo
Given that Mia is actually showing the Ken Done special item today, I took the opportunity to match two lovely pieces I've already worn (Day 9/365 & Day 123/365).
Finally, look at this email photo I got sent yesterday... yes, A. Fan has met Lyndel's challenge and has found me a Ken Done scarf in an op shop. And for only $1! A. Fan - Well Done, you!


Lyndel said...

where to start today!! Mia you are gorgeous, and what a great Show and Tell, hope your class appreciated it.

A.Fan, well Done* to you too, I have matched your $30 donation.

...and Jackie, lovely as always.

A.Fan said...

Thank you for the challenge Lyndel. I cannot say I enjoyed it as I am not generally an opshopper. But I do love what Jackie is doing so I have been dropping in to them as I happened to pass by. I have mailed the scarf to Jackie and I hope it gets featured soon. I look forward to watching the donation tally rise by $30.
Next challenge please.................


Anonymous said...

MIA ROCKS!!!!! What a great style she has. She is very luck y to have a terrific and talented Auntie too!

What Ken Be Done? said...

And just for the record as you can see today, Lyndel did donate her agreed-$30. Thank you Lyndel and A.Fan for your Ken-Done-donation-dance-off! I just *love* that there is a such a community supporting The Social Studio!

FYI check out this great new 2 minute video on TSS on their site:

And thanks again Mia, and Anonymous makes clear - you do rock darling niece! xo xo