Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 173/365: Coming Live to you from Nippon!

We're in Japan! That's right, taking some holidays in the country that helped to build the Ken Done Empire :-)
We are starting in Osaka, and here I am on Saturday morning at the Shinsaibashi shopping arcade. Below also is a photo of me in our hotel room. Bridget, my friend who has lived in Japan for years, once said, 'Think of Japanese hotel rooms like the size of a ship's cabin.' She is right, and here's me trying to prove the point by looking like a 1980s Fashion Godzilla in our teeny bathroom!
Ken and Judy Done donated this anorak, and it is perfect for the winter weather here. I also like that I've been gifted sample goods and Done tested out what colours would look best... I wonder what the '1st Test' would have looked like...
And as you can probably imagine, yes, I've already been purchasing from our shopping adventure. I'll get another shot later, but please at least see how happy I am to have found fluro pom-pom earrings!


doc said...

OMG wa - jackī - anata wa subarashii tabi o kakaete iru to omoimasu. Anata wa watashi wa kon Nippon de flentdesu ka aishite inai nodesu ka?

Looking forward to seeing WKBD in Japanese!

Joanne said...

WOW! What a perfect location for the wonderful and sometimes wacky stylings of Jackie and Ken!

If anyone ken get it done whilst on location it would have to be you!!
Keep a close eye on your super cute KD goodies - especially any koala ones.

Have fun

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for a 'live sighting' of Done in Japan! Surely it is possible!

Sally said...

Kon'nichiwa sutekina josei

Last night I dreamt I found some amazing Ken Done shorts in country road!? When I went to buy them the shop chick said they were faulty so she penned a perfect Ken Done signature across the front of the shorts. Perfectly great!

birdmonkey said...

Great dream Sally!