Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 180/365 (2): Giving my heart to 'The Ken Done Special'

Now for this to truly be a Japanese Christmas, you'll have to press play on this YouTube clip below, then start reading. This song is playing on repeat everywhere :-)
(And yes, it certainly helps that it's a quintessential 80's classic!)

Well, I'm taking this day on with gusto!

Here I am at the observation deck of the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills. Quite a spectacular view to watch the Christmas Man in his moustache making any possible stop-overs in Japan... we are 270 metres above sea level! You can see I am wearing my Rudolph-inspired puff-ball earrings just in case the 'big man in red' needs any help locating us!
Plus I've taken as many opportunities today to find some good Christmas kitsch too... Roppongi Hills is all a bit too flash for over-doing things in a tacky style, but I did manage to find this little Chrissy tableau. I'm particularly taken with the waterfall AND Christmas tree AND Christmas Star... Plus, very nearby here they were selling mulled red wine and Bratwurst sausages. Now that's pretty *good* for a winter Christmas lunch :-)
As you can imagine, I'm all dressed up for this festive day. And again, I'm celebrating by wearing an exclusive Ken Done remixed dress by Helen of The Social Studio. *Gorgeous!*
I'm not Done yet with the day, but so far it has truly been a Fantasy Christmas! Hope you are well and Season's Greetings for all xo xo


Anonymous said...

A fantasy indeed.

WAfam said...

Glad you and LiP are having such a good time. Keep up the good work.