Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 182/365: "Wish you were here Sydney" in Kyoto!

Goodbye Tokyo, and Hello Kyoto! And boy, is it cold here!

This photo below is for all our friends who are familiar with the Live-in Photographer's (LiP's) kitsch 'meat wall of art' at home. It was too much of a *good* shot to miss!

(Plus its another chance to show-off my 1980s ski jacket. I've been getting some pretty incredulous stares in this get up; probably as all the locals are wondering if I'm a 1980s skier trapped in time!)
And my t-shirt today (only for showing indoors) is this *beauty* which seems to combine the best of Sydney with a nod to the temples of Kyoto. Wish you were here! xo


Lyndel said...

I wish I was there too !! .. thanks for all the great photos.

Mia&Lucy said...

Hi Auntie Jackie,

We love your outfit and that jacket looks really warm. Its so colourful - there's no chance of Meredith losing you in a crowd!

We hope you both are having fun. See you soon. Love Mia and Lucy xx

Anonymous said...

Its a bit cold in Japan to be wearing a t-shirt!

Teaspoon said...