Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 185/365: Pocket knife + pins + pillow case =

Today we've been walking the Kyoto alleys of Gion and Ponto-cho. These are the haunts of traditional Japan, and wonderful for sightseeing. That said, it's freezing and there are tiny, tiny snow flakes indicating that colder weather is still to come. I even had to get out the Ken Done umbrella for real today!
My show item today is a scarf I re-fashioned this morning with a pocket knife and safety pins. Before I took to it, it was a pillow case found in an op-shop in Bonbeach, Melbourne.

I must admit even I realise what a colour spectacle I am in wintery Kyoto, but the locals seem both bemused and happy with a *special* ray of Ken Done sunshine this winter! :-)


Brown Owl said...

Sounds like you had a Girl Scout moment :-)

Lyndel said...

well it was a very pretty pillowcase, an even prettier scarf!
40ยบ in Melb.tomorrow, not cold at all.

birdmonkey said...

That pillow case is in very good condition compared to the fade one Emma, Ruby and I have been re-fashioning. Just sent off the package to you today. Keep any off-cuts.