Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 217/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 8

Ken Done napkins worn as scarf and headband (donated by Cousin Christine), vintage hoop earrings from Shag, Bonds singlet, Tiffany Treloar singlet, George wrap (from op shop), Levis jeans, Campers, Jenny Kee bags.

Double Kee = bag x 2. Double Done = scarf x 2.

A few years ago I was walking past a garage sale and spotted this Tiffany Treloar singlet. I thought it looked fun, so handing over a dollar or two felt like a *good* enough investment. Little did I know that Tiffany Treloar is Prue Acton's daughter. I tell you, these Australian women designers from the 1980s have built an amazing style legacy for us all! (And yes, I do have some Prue Acton gear to share with you in the days to come...)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 216/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 7

This morning I walked into the living room wearing this outfit and said, "Right I'm ready to go out for breakfast."
Another pause.
The LiP's response was, "You look like you're wearing a draft stopper."

I tried to explain that I was in fact wearing my very own handcrafted Jenny Kee oversize necklace and obi (because needless to say I thought I was *brilliant* in my design skill; I mean don't I look happy with myself in the pictures?!)...

And despite the ongoing bewilderment, the LiP still gave full cooperation in the photographing process en route to a lovely breakfast date at Deus Ex Machina. Plus I'll leave it up to you to imagine just how the bikers inside Deus responded to my outfit!!

So thank you LiP, I think today you've earned your stripes for commitment to the cause! Happy Sunday y'all! :-)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 215/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 6

Vintage scarf as headband, Lafont glasses, Jenny Kee silk scarf, hoop earrings from US, vintage dress, Camper sandals (decorated with clip on earrings), Ken Done bag (donated Susan).

I'm wearing seagulls and dolphins to celebrate this sunny Saturday. I'll leave the interpretations up to you, 'cause like a flock of seagulls, I've got to fly to meet up with friends... in fact some might say, I Ran...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 214/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 5

Jenny Kee scarf for the Wilderness Society as headscarf, handmade earrings, Ken Done glasses, vintage dress (I cut it from long to short, and the remainder I wear as a scarf), Simon deWinter socks, Fluevogs, Jenny Kee bag, Ken Done scarf, wooden bangles from Flamingo Park signed by 'R'.

I'm wearing this vintage dress because it captures the total *inspiration* I get from those amazing two Australian ladies who created Flamingo Park: Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson. And this outfit is made all the more exciting because my two darling friends Bec and Iain found me these vintage wooden bangles sold at Flamingo Park in the 1980s, made by artist 'R', and gave them to me a few birthdays ago***. Finally, how is this for timing: here is what writer Lee Tulloch wrote about this store in the (sydney) magazine out yesterday...

The most exciting shop was Flamingo Park in the Strand Arcade and fashionable international visitors would rush there to buy clothes by Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson.
People were rejoicing in this idea that could wear Australian fashion and it could be fabulous.

Encore! Encore, say I!
*** Just talking with the LiP and we worked out there is photographic evidence of my reaction when I got given these *rockin* bangles. We thought the proof was worth sharing! I'm crazed with 1980s Aussie love, what Ken I tell you?! xo

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 213/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 4

Lafont glasses, handmade necklace, vintage dress, Ken Done bag, Jenny Kee scarf for the Wilderness society.

Ken Done is to supporting... Canteen as Jenny Kee is to supporting... The Wilderness Society.

I found this scarf in a Penrith op shop. And full *1980s props* to Ms Kee for not only offering support to an important cause, but to showing her support with such artistic style and flair!

And what about us? Well, I'm over the $5000 mark!

Which means, YOU are to supporting... What Ken Be Done as What Ken Be Done is to... supporting The Social Studio. Love it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 212/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 3

Australia Day can be a little like 1980s fashion. It's meaning can be open to a lot of interpretation...
Jenny Kee t-shirt, Ken Done pants, Jenny Kee bag, Ken Done scarf, Fluevogs.
And I'm celebrating today my first donation from an overseas supporter. Thank you xo xo xo Who's going to help me get over the $5000 mark...?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 211/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 2

Vintage red glasses, Ken Done scarf, robot necklace from YoungBloods Designers Markets, Saba cardigan, Miss Shop singlet (op shop) Sportscraft belt, vintage Katies shorts (op shop), Fluevogs, Jenny Kee bag, Ken Done scarf, vintage ring from Chapel Street Bazaar.

When you look at the iconic images inside this Jenny Kee bag (picture 4) you can see that this *darling* bag has seen better days and is beginning to move from 'vintage' to 'aged'... but as anyone who loves this red-glassed Australian Goddess will tell you, once you own Jenny Kee, you own her for life!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 210/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 1

Yes, it's time to celebrate the Big Life of 1980s Australian fashion legend Jenny Kee who is celebrating her 64th birthday today!
Vintage glasses, earrings from US, Ken Done scarf (donated Bec), Jenny Kee vintage dress (WKBD Collection), Tatty Devine necklace, Sportscraft belt, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag (donated Cousin Christine).

I'm kicking off this week-long celebration of Jenny Kee and her *amazing* design wearing this vintage Jenny Kee dress. You can tell it's 1980s: with its buttons down the front, slightly ruched waist and jersey fabric. Awesome! And please note the detail: JK's birthday muffin is on her own designed plate! I'll also make sure I keep up the Done content too!
And speaking of Done, the household was so festive this morning that I even got my Dad into a Ken Done jumper to get into the 1980s spirit before he goes on a long haul flight overseas. Well Done, Dad! xo

So now is the time people for YOU too, to send in any photos of Jenny Kee... we're going to have some days of fun, for sure!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 209/365

Blake hat (borrowed from the LiP), Ken Done scarf, 'All That Jazz' safari suit from op shop, Sportscraft leather belt, vintage boots, Ken Done bag (WKBD Collection), red wood ring from Jo, Tokyo Kamen brooch from Japan.

So it might be because my Dad is coming up tonight, and then heading off to South Africa tomorrow... or it might be that I've seen too many TV ads telling me to be interested in watching Australia tonight... but I'm feeling distinctly 1980s safari-esque today. (I say 1980s-esque because I'm not sure bright red does anyone much good as camouflage in safari environments!) And when taking to the urban bush of inner west Sydney, it's so *good* to have a Ken Done scarf / bandanna!

And what about your day? Interested in *hunting* for a Ken Done bargain perhaps?! Don't miss out, auctions end SOON! :-)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 208/365

When I was working in Redfern some 4 years ago, I was introduced to the *genius* that is Roger Shoe Repairs. Roger can literally work wonders with shoes, and he never charges more than the bare minimum. He and his craft are truly an institution. (As you can see, I can't ever recommend him enough!)

After taking shoes to him for some re-working love, we stopped by Redfern park nearby. They've done quite a lot of work here, including installing a range of sculptures which proved *fun* for some Ken Done-in-situ shots...

And my Done today is this fish t-shirt. It's actually a drop-waist 1980s dress that was my first ever eBay Ken Done purchase... but I'm afraid even I couldn't make the drop-waist style look any *good* (only SUPER frumpy!), so I cut it up into a skirt and top.
And speaking of eBay, I had a *hilarious* eBay moment yesterday. When I logged on to my personal account I received this pop-up message suggesting items that should be of interest to me. As you can see, all the recommended items were my charity listings from my separate What Ken Be Done account. Clearly my personal eBay file is marked as a Ken Done-Nut!

The auctions are up tomorrow from 2:50pm on (EST): so please let people know, make a bid, and join in the fun! Every cent raised goes directly to The Social Studio xo

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 207/365

Lafont glasses, handmade Ken Done necklace by birdmonkey & friends, Tatty Devine Gilbert & George brooch (a gift from me to the LiP, and I've borrowed it back!) 'Malihini Designer's Collection Hawaii' dress, stockings from Japan, Camper shoes, Ken Done bag lent from Jo.

Lounging in the Art House Hotel, I'm taking my Friday inspiration today from 'The Art World' and Hawaii. The result? My Ken Done-like spectacular look. I've paired this *amazing* vintage Hawaiian dress (colours right out of Guru Done's palette) with Tatty Devine's Gilbert & George brooch. Gilbert & George may be British, but their art can be 1980s colour gone mad, so I'm loving it! And how well do these items go with Jo's lent Ken Done bag, and birdmonkey et al's crafted neck-lace-Art-wear?!

I do so like a Friday out having *fun*... hope you're having fun too xo

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 206/365: How many signatures can you have on a small purse?

Ken Done scarf as headband, Lafont glasses, Flower top from op shop, handmade pants by Jodie at Maurer & Strange (fabric from Tessuti), Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes, Ken Done bag donated by Cousin Christine, and Ken Done purse (WKBD Collection).

When I found this Ken Done purse, I was determined to find out exactly who 'Yvonne' was.
You'll be pleased to know I've worked it out**.

The wonderful Ken Done signed his name a total of THREE times (!) when he gave this purse to South African Yvonne Chaka Chaka: also known as the Pop "Princess of Africa". And why did KD give the purse to her? Well he spotted her music video clip for her song "Let Him Go"... and it was the sheer amount of *outstanding* 1980s outfits that Ken felt needed congratulations and celebrations!

Phew, I'm glad I worked the story out, and how *wonderful* that the story too has so much relevance for What Ken Be Done? :-)
** When I say I worked out the story, what I really mean is I made up the story... but it would be wonderful if it were true, yes? And those 1980s outfits really did need some praise! If you can come up with a better 'Yvonne' story, I'd love to hear it! xo

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 205/365

Ken Done glasses, handmade jacket from op shop, Ken Done 1980s shirt donated by Lyndel, Levis, Fluevogs.

Really this day has been created by Lyndel. She has donated me this *super* 1980s Ken Done t-shirt, and I even had the pleasure of cutting off the price tags which were still attached 20-30 years on. Brand new vintage! Then, as if this wasn't enough, she has sent me this photo of her *groovy* grand-daughter Lucy-Jazz. LJ is looking oh-so-stylish out the front of The Social Studio pop up shop in Melbourne Central... and of course, she has her own Ken Done too. Check out that purse! *Amazing*

(Kind of makes you want to win your very own piece of Ken Done, doesn't it?!)

You've outDone me Lyndel and LJ, and I love it!