Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 192/365

Oversize leopard-print earrings from Japan, vintage Versace shirt from Newtown op shop, Oroton belt, vintage denim high-waisted skirt, leopard-print stockings, boots from op shop, vintage jewellery.

This black and yellow vintage Versace shirt screams, "I'm from the late 1980s!" And even if doesn't quite scream that exactly, it certainly is making a lot of (fashion) noise! Today's outfit then is about the senses; the sounds emanating from my shirt, and in the case of my *amazing* Ken Done bag, a visual assault. Check out the *kooky* Ken Done art-eyes he's created! A BIG thanks to my sister-in-law Susan for this generous donation to What Ken Be Done xo xo

Now feeling like I might be off the set of an early Beverly Hills 90201 episode (its the high-waisted denim!), I'm off to work!


Lyndel said...

oh no! a KD pattern that is almost toooo spooky for me! that's a first.

Anonymous said...

Love the look today. Your Kaftan outfit yesterday was reminiscent of Oprah's 2 kaftan outfits she wore in Cairns (yellow) and Sydney (green). I'm surprised O didn't wear some Done.

birdmonkey said...

I'm with you Lyndel !

Anonymous said...

Jackie, the only thing that shirt is screaming is "Bad Versace Vintage"...Done definitely has the goods over Versace with the bag.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Mmm an outfit and a Ken Done pattern that divides people... how interesting! This is one of the those *great* times that reminds me how taste is so different for us all... I mean, I think all Versace is 'bad Versace' and that's what makes it so *good*... because it's like some kind of dodgy opulence. As for Ken... yeah, not quite sure what was happening here, but the more time I spend with the pattern, the more I like it. Maybe it's just I'm a sucker for yellow and black.

And Anon, if *ONLY* Oprah had worn Ken Done... it would have rounded-off well the distinctly boom-time 1980s tourist feeling of the whole enterprise