Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 194/365: *Warning* Ken Done WHITE Bike Pants!!

Yes, you read that title correctly. Today I've thrown caution, and possibly good taste to the wind, and am wearing *ribbed* *white* *1980s* *bike pants* all from the hand of Mr Ken Done. So here they are, holding their own ...
Eeek! And then, here they are as the basis of my outfit:
You see, I'm ALL about celebration today as I'm off to my lovely friend Al's birthday party. He's like a few of my friends who have their birthday near Christmas and New Years. Every year people are either out of town, stuck with their family or over partying because they've gone too hard in the season's holidays. So my inspiration today was to pay party homage to all those wonderful folks who have birthdays at *tricky* times in the year.

It's a little bit like Ken Done white bike pants: yes they too are tricky, but with some effort, somehow, and with the gift of timing there's an opportunity for celebration and a whole lot of fun!
Ken Done glasses, vintage skirt worn as dress, silk flower from Young Bloods design market, Ken Done bike pants donated by Cousin Christine, fishnet stockings, Fluevogs, gold leather 1980s handbag from Mentone op shop.


birdmonkey said...

white bike pants- the Horror! that must have been made for the Japanese market - only very thin girls could pull them off without wearing them like you have as bloomers.

Well done- and it's your ability to pull something off like this that makes you years challenge so much fun to follow.

I'm going to make small donation today in honour of your bravery! $10 for a 10 out of 10 effort!
I challenge as the regular followers to do the same!

Lyndel said...

oh yes, I so agree with birdmonkey... only a very brave gal would wear white bike pants (or white floral bloomers for that matter). count me in for $10 too.

Anonymous said...

I'll donate $30. $10 for today's outfit and $20 for day 188, as I think 188 took more courage.
Thank you for the incentive Birdmonkey and Lyndel.
And thank you for the courage Jackie.

What Ken Be Done? said...

You are all *AMAZING* for the wonderful feedback and the generous donations! Thank you xo

I just LOVE that in part, The Social Studio is receiving much needed support thanks to white 1980s bike pants! :-)

And it certainly proves a creative incentive for wearing more and more of the *tricky* Ken Done 1980s items out there (I've got another pair of bike pants still to go, and everyone yesterday was pretty keen for bikini shots!!)...