Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 198/365

1980s headband donated by Birdmonkey, Ken Done glasses, vintage Fiorucci vest, vintage beads from Perth op shop, Ken Done (WKBD collection), Bonds singlet, Beechers Brook pants, Birkenstocks, Tatty Devine cat bangle and ring.

This neon Ken Done dress is quite a recent find. It's from The Smith Family op shop in Penrith, and I so *enjoyed* the moment when I spotted it and realised it was made by The Guru. Another item for the collection! Ah the *joy*

I felt the same pleasure yesterday seeing that my favourite UK jewellers, Tatty Devine, gave What Ken Be Done a plug on Twitter. It's these small *joys* that keep up the fashion fun and help to raise the profile of the amazing work at the Social Studio. Naturally, too, I have a matching Tatty Devine jewellery set to work with this summery number today :-)


birdmonkey said...

The Smiths Family Penrith is where I found the handbag that's coming your way, plus all those canteen scarfs and the fake Australis. I only got time to do a quick scan of the clothes- still can't recognise a Done Pattern unless I see the tag or signature.

Anonymous said...

Great outfit today Jackie. Love the jewelry too.

I just paid my dues (with interest due to lateness) for the Day 194 Bike Pants Donation-athon I had with Lyndel & Birdmonkey.

Lyndel said...

well done Anonymous!..
Tatty Devine really is Devine, eh?
Great look today. I found a headband yesterday too, just purple with little pink flowers, so I must get myself organized with a parcel to you as I have a few Canteens, and the doona cover to send.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Love it, love it, love it! You are all *winners* in my eyes... and a BIG thank you for all the participation xo

(Plus birdmonkey, some might ask just how 'healthy' it is that I have now begun to almost *sense* Done when entering an op shop!!)

(Plus more 1980s treats coming for me to wear and showcase: *delightful*!)