Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 199/365

Handmade necklace, Judy Done silk shirt, Rockmans vintage dress from op shop, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag (donated by my sister-in-law Susan).

The old adage that "behind every great man is a great woman" is so true for today's Done sensation. Annie and Aretha are crooning in my ears as I celebrate wearing a Judy Done pure silk shirt. Judy is of course a fashion designer as well as Ken's wife. We've seen a bit of Judy Done's *great* work before (here and here), but this is the first time I've been able to wear her wonderful gear myself (thanks to Cousin Christine for the donation that allowed this xo).

And interestingly when I met Ken Done he said that he and Judy had wanted to collaborate on more fashion lines together, but that the cost of it all was just too expensive, so there really is very limited stock out there (Yes. Take a moment to look at the quintessentially Ken Done art in combination with a silk fabric and Judy's quintessentially 80s design flair. Aaaahhhh.).

So if, and when, you are able to get your hands on some of these rare pieces, it's time to celebrate!


Chris said...

Somehow you always make it work Jackie.

Reliving the 80's said...

I'll second that....always makes it work in such a fantastic way!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Chris & RT80s... so *nice* of you! Now re-looking at this image, it seems a pity I didn't have some insertable shoulder pads to really *80* the blouse out... but you and learn... next time! :-)