Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 200/365: Celebrating 200 Inspired Days of What Ken Be Done with YOU!

Lafont glasses, fried egg plastic model from Japan (as necklace), Ken Done scarf, Elle Macpherson singlet, Mary Shackman skirt (from Kensington op shop - what a find!), vintage boots, Ken Done tote bag, Ken Done scarf (this was donated by David), South African vintage bracelets from my Mum.

How inspiring to be celebrating Day 200! You could say I've Done a double-century! And as always, I'm happy to report I'm not doing it alone...

Check out the *splendiferous* regular commenter David, who is celebrating this special Friday with me in one enviable ensemble! In fact I so loved his 1980s neon splash shirt from France, that I was inspired to wear my very own Mary Shackman hand-painted gold splash heavy cotton skirt. Mary is a true 1980s Australian fashion gem. *Kudos* to you dearest David for stylin-up Ken Done Canteen scarves with true aplomb!
And check me out here meeting the talented artist Raquel (aka Birdmonkey), who has also become an *amazing* supporter of What Ken Be Done too. Today Raquel has donated many fine Ken Done items (and some other inspired 1980s pieces), and I can barely wait to show you all these goodies on our continuing journey.

I feel so very blessed with all the *great* people I've shared the first 200 days of *good fashion for good* with. Now just imagine *what Ken be Done* together to keep supporting The Social Studio in the next 165 days... you know me: She works hard for the money!

P.S. I was just about to press 'publish' and I noticed an extra $525 has been Done-ated today. Wow!!! You guys are so *good*, no, so GREAT!


skb said...

200 congratulations to you Jackie! You deserve each and every one of them - you've Done so well so far. You've *outdone* all the rest of us with your efforts.

Lyndel said...

Happy 200th Jackie, and thanks to Raquel and David for brightening up our day too, showing What Ken be Done*

Anonymous said...

You're a *good* egg Jackie. 200 days is massive!

Anonymous said...

This blog is, like, way cool. The pics are hot!
David M

birdmonkey said...

Wow amazing- you have almost made it to $5,000. I meant to ask you today what your funding raising goal was. $10,000 ??

birdmonkey said...

Forgot to say - David wonderful top- and when I think of splash i think of Plastic Bertrand- strickly speaking late 70's but worthy.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Birdmonkey: thanks for inserting this YouTube clip. I *love* it so much, and you completely got David's style down! SO WORTHY!

Also THANKS to you all for the wonderful messages and encouragement! It makes such a difference... I mean 200 days in and:
**we've not yet outDone ourselves with word play,

**more and more people keep coming on board, including having their *gorgeous* photos taken,

**I can see just how much care you take examining my images with your pithy compliments,

**you know how to have *fun* - good tongue-in-cheek fun! AND

**we are raising money as we do it! Hurrah! The more the merrier, the more the better. How much would I like to raise? As much as possible, nothing less, nothing more xo xo

Jam said...

Raquel is a most excellent contributor to clothe wearing blog challenges!
I thank her for helping me and helping you