Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 201/365: Just call me Done Gal...

Ken Done glasses, V&A t-shirt, Ken Done skirt donated by Ken & Judy Done, tights from Japan, Fluevog boots, Ken Done bag donated by my sister-in-law Susan.

I've been totally inspired by this story from Japan about people anonymously donating money to charitable causes by all signing their name Tiger Mask (a comic superhero from the 1970s).

Now as I'm well into the What Ken Be Done challenge, I can't just very well start calling myself Supergirl - BUT - what I can do is wear my vintage superhero political t-shirt from the V&A Museum, and re-name myself for a day Done Gal**! Imagine... Done Gal: by day she wears Ken Done and other 1980s Australian fashion and by night she tries to charm support from generous folks for The Social Studio all in the name of doing *good*

** Full credit for the Done Gal photo idea must go to the LiPs Mum who suggested it last time we were in Perth. Pam, keep those wonderful creative thoughts coming! xo
P.S. I've updated the Quick Look Book too if you want to see my outfits from Day 1 to Day 200!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Japan, Perth, Done-gal sure does get around to spread the Done message!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I will now only refer to you as Done-Gal! Occasionally I may say Super-Done-Gal! But it would have to be an awesome outfit...

Lyndel said...

oh wow!
They seek her here,
they seek her there,
those Done-nuts seek her everywhere.
Is she in heaven or is he in copycat Done hell?
That damned elusive Done Gal looks swell

.. yep definately a SuperHero.
and I just read on facebook that the Social Studio are opening a Booth at Melbourne Central next week. I'll have to go take a look. Young Lucy-Jazz is here for holidays so I think we'll both wear Done and send a photo!

Moloko Soldon said...

Gotta love play-on words!
Done Gal is here


What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: the further the bette;, the wider the more happier I become. To infinity and beyond!

Anon II: Super-Done-Gal, hey? Well I'll consider it a challenge and get working on outfits that might incite you such *wonderful words* :-)

Lyndel: You are hilarious! Love it! And OH YES, please a photo with you and Lucy-Jazz would *rock*!

Moloko: thanks and welcome! xo xo

teaspoon said...


The Quick Look Book is such a great summary of your quest so far.
I loved it.
It has taught me two things:

1. Your sense of colour matching and texture layering create ensembles more artistic and rich than I even realised. It is truly inspiring.

2. You have 157 days to go and I'm getting excited about when the right time comes for me to contribute to T.S.S.

You truly embody Dr Suzuki's most valuable and famous quote "When love is deep, much can be accomplished".

What an asset you are to our world. Thank you.