Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 204/365

Lafont glasses, Ken Done scarf, vintage necklace, Victoria Cooper top & skirt from op shop, Fluevogs, Ken Done large tote lent by Jo.

Do I have baggage? Sure I do: Ken Done baggage! Today is a celebration of the Ken Done large tote bag. This *beauty* I'm clutching has been loaned by Jo in support of What Ken Be Done. How wonderful of Jo to share with us such a summer-inspired KD gem. Thank you!
But wait, there is more... enjoy below this cavalcade of holiday snaps from my darling friend Bridget. She wrote and told me the story about how three families had gone away for their annual summer holiday this year only for Bridget to suddenly see that her friend Joyce was carrying this featured Ken Done large tote! Bridget deftly took out a camera and corralled family and friends into a celebration of this 20 year old Ken Done bag. Enjoy!

And for anyone that has every wondered about the versatility of a Ken Done tote, sit back and marvel at just what this bag can do... :-)
Thank you to Bridget, Joyce, Emma-Chan and all the models for sharing the KD Love! xo xo


Liz said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how well ken done fitted into the scenery of woodside!!

Moloko Soldon said...

What a cool bag!
I think I might be a Done-nut.


Jam said...

Wow, still looking good and going strong!
Strangely I came across a bit of Ken Done in a Californian desert town late in 2010. I think it was a table mat. Nasty

What Ken Be Done? said...

Jam: Hilarious... if only you'd been able to catch that in a photo: The Decline of Done.

Moloko Soldon: I just figured out who you are! *Wonderful* And if you're a Done-nut, well then, I am WELL pleased :-)

Anon: and to think I only included a couple of the shots Bridget sent... this Ken Done bag literally became the *celebrity* of the town!! Got to love it! (Well, you've already worked that out, haven't you Liz?!)