Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 205/365

Ken Done glasses, handmade jacket from op shop, Ken Done 1980s shirt donated by Lyndel, Levis, Fluevogs.

Really this day has been created by Lyndel. She has donated me this *super* 1980s Ken Done t-shirt, and I even had the pleasure of cutting off the price tags which were still attached 20-30 years on. Brand new vintage! Then, as if this wasn't enough, she has sent me this photo of her *groovy* grand-daughter Lucy-Jazz. LJ is looking oh-so-stylish out the front of The Social Studio pop up shop in Melbourne Central... and of course, she has her own Ken Done too. Check out that purse! *Amazing*

(Kind of makes you want to win your very own piece of Ken Done, doesn't it?!)

You've outDone me Lyndel and LJ, and I love it!


birdmonkey said...

Love that t-shirt- very classic 80's Done and Lucy Jazz is very stylish, you rock Lyndal

T.C. said...

Lucy Jazz you know how to work a camera!

Jackie, I am loving all these photo from KD fans!

Joanne said...

Go Lyndel and LJ - Well Done!!
(You look pretty snazzy too Jackie! - love the handmade jacket)

Reliving the 80's said...

Lyndal your a fanatic WKBD fan! I love it :-))

Martin said...

wonderful shirt! i want one. and i love the handmade jacket :)

What Ken Be Done? said...

What seriously *ace* 'group-hug' post this turned out to be. Hooray! Lyndel and Lucy-Jazz it seems VERY clear we raise out Ken Done hats off to you both! xo

Oh, and Martin, the t-shirt will be up for auction as it was donated to the cause... keep checking and I'll let you know when the next round on eBay will be... then you can send in a photo too. That'll make this whole thing triple-rad!! :-)

Lyndel said...

LJ and I are only too pleased to follow your cause. I have always liked KD and now Lucy-Jazz does too. She'll be taking her 'new' KD pencil case to school on Monday. You should see her in an OpShop looking for anything vaguely KD patterned!