Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 208/365

When I was working in Redfern some 4 years ago, I was introduced to the *genius* that is Roger Shoe Repairs. Roger can literally work wonders with shoes, and he never charges more than the bare minimum. He and his craft are truly an institution. (As you can see, I can't ever recommend him enough!)

After taking shoes to him for some re-working love, we stopped by Redfern park nearby. They've done quite a lot of work here, including installing a range of sculptures which proved *fun* for some Ken Done-in-situ shots...

And my Done today is this fish t-shirt. It's actually a drop-waist 1980s dress that was my first ever eBay Ken Done purchase... but I'm afraid even I couldn't make the drop-waist style look any *good* (only SUPER frumpy!), so I cut it up into a skirt and top.
And speaking of eBay, I had a *hilarious* eBay moment yesterday. When I logged on to my personal account I received this pop-up message suggesting items that should be of interest to me. As you can see, all the recommended items were my charity listings from my separate What Ken Be Done account. Clearly my personal eBay file is marked as a Ken Done-Nut!

The auctions are up tomorrow from 2:50pm on (EST): so please let people know, make a bid, and join in the fun! Every cent raised goes directly to The Social Studio xo


Anonymous said...

A fun Saturday outfit. I have used Roger before too. The man is a legend.

Reliving the 80's said...

LiP's photography skills = 5 stars

Lyndel said...

Oh My! LJ and I loved that photo, as soon as she saw it she said "I Know Where That Is!!!!!.... Redfern Park!!!! nice photography LiP.
and thanks for the ♥ photo she loved it.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: ah, so we concur then on Roger being an all-round winner. Great!

RT80's and Lyndel: you've made the LiP very happy, thank you! xo

Anastsia Beaverhousen said...

The first pic in this entry is THE best pic you have posted during my watching the site like a Done Stalker. Congrats & if only the rest of us had an ounce of dedication & passion - imagine what we could do?!!!