Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 209/365

Blake hat (borrowed from the LiP), Ken Done scarf, 'All That Jazz' safari suit from op shop, Sportscraft leather belt, vintage boots, Ken Done bag (WKBD Collection), red wood ring from Jo, Tokyo Kamen brooch from Japan.

So it might be because my Dad is coming up tonight, and then heading off to South Africa tomorrow... or it might be that I've seen too many TV ads telling me to be interested in watching Australia tonight... but I'm feeling distinctly 1980s safari-esque today. (I say 1980s-esque because I'm not sure bright red does anyone much good as camouflage in safari environments!) And when taking to the urban bush of inner west Sydney, it's so *good* to have a Ken Done scarf / bandanna!

And what about your day? Interested in *hunting* for a Ken Done bargain perhaps?! Don't miss out, auctions end SOON! :-)


Anonymous said...

I think you've shown that horse who's the boss.

Not sure what Kenneth was thinking with that design. Very bland by his standards. Lucky you know how to use colour.

Moloko Soldon said...

I love the Tokyo Kamen badge. I really wish I could go to Japan because I LOVE and I mean LOVE manga.
You are so lucky to have been there.


Jo taylor said...

Hey Jackie, I just won the plant skirt in your ebay auction. I'm totally stoked, Congratulations again, chickadee, joxx

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: I know, this KD is a little subdued, hey? Plus he really hit up this design across a range of clothing items, I've worn this seashell pattern at least twice before this...

LJ: Ah, another fan of manga too - how lovely :-) And thanks for the props on the brooch, I was super stoked to find it too. And finally, so it seems like you'd better start saving for that trip to Nippon, then?!

Ah Jo, many people I think will be quite *envious* of your win! Well Done and thanks thanks thanks for ALL the support. I just know The Social Studio will be so happy with all this *goodness* from us!!