Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 212/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 3

Australia Day can be a little like 1980s fashion. It's meaning can be open to a lot of interpretation...
Jenny Kee t-shirt, Ken Done pants, Jenny Kee bag, Ken Done scarf, Fluevogs.
And I'm celebrating today my first donation from an overseas supporter. Thank you xo xo xo Who's going to help me get over the $5000 mark...?


birdmonkey said...

New glasses? Wish I could help you get over the $5,000K but my first pay check in the new job doesn't come for a month :-(

but promise to try and get you over 10,000K!

Kane said...

Unlike Australia Day Jackie, there is little to interpret here. Outfit 2 is infinitely better than version 1.

I have thought on more than a few occasions when viewing your blog, What was Ken Thinking?
But now that version 1 outfit has forced me to ask, What was Jenny Thinking?
Seemingly with a few deft cuts and a belt, you have made it a celebration of Australian fashion.

Lyndel said...

well jenny sure did try to jam a lot into one outfit! !. I had a knitting pattern book of her designs once, and I must say the simple ones really did look great, but some were, shall we say, OTT.