Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 214/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 5

Jenny Kee scarf for the Wilderness Society as headscarf, handmade earrings, Ken Done glasses, vintage dress (I cut it from long to short, and the remainder I wear as a scarf), Simon deWinter socks, Fluevogs, Jenny Kee bag, Ken Done scarf, wooden bangles from Flamingo Park signed by 'R'.

I'm wearing this vintage dress because it captures the total *inspiration* I get from those amazing two Australian ladies who created Flamingo Park: Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson. And this outfit is made all the more exciting because my two darling friends Bec and Iain found me these vintage wooden bangles sold at Flamingo Park in the 1980s, made by artist 'R', and gave them to me a few birthdays ago***. Finally, how is this for timing: here is what writer Lee Tulloch wrote about this store in the (sydney) magazine out yesterday...

The most exciting shop was Flamingo Park in the Strand Arcade and fashionable international visitors would rush there to buy clothes by Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson.
People were rejoicing in this idea that could wear Australian fashion and it could be fabulous.

Encore! Encore, say I!
*** Just talking with the LiP and we worked out there is photographic evidence of my reaction when I got given these *rockin* bangles. We thought the proof was worth sharing! I'm crazed with 1980s Aussie love, what Ken I tell you?! xo


Anonymous said...

Clearly you love your fashion.

Lyndel said...

Love the Flamingo Park bracelets. LJ and I both wore KD to the top of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne today.... 88 floors above the City

birdmonkey said...

Love the look today- the dress, the belt, combination of colours is fabulous.
Lyndal you must be the best Grandma ever!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Ken Done fashionistas at the top of the Eureka Tower... ah, I'm basking in imagining just how *good* that would look, Lyndel! (Any chance you had a camera with you??!)

Anon: I love my Australian vintage so much that it literally causes me to often contort my face in strange ways. And you all now have the evidence... :-)

Birdmonkey: Thanks, and I reckon you are onto something re. Lyndel. In fact I reckon she is squarely becoming the *wonderful* matriarch of WKBD... there's so much to learn from this lady!