Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 216/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 7

This morning I walked into the living room wearing this outfit and said, "Right I'm ready to go out for breakfast."
Another pause.
The LiP's response was, "You look like you're wearing a draft stopper."

I tried to explain that I was in fact wearing my very own handcrafted Jenny Kee oversize necklace and obi (because needless to say I thought I was *brilliant* in my design skill; I mean don't I look happy with myself in the pictures?!)...

And despite the ongoing bewilderment, the LiP still gave full cooperation in the photographing process en route to a lovely breakfast date at Deus Ex Machina. Plus I'll leave it up to you to imagine just how the bikers inside Deus responded to my outfit!!

So thank you LiP, I think today you've earned your stripes for commitment to the cause! Happy Sunday y'all! :-)


Lyndel said...

.. interesting jewellery design, for the moment I do not think Tatty Devine has anything to worry about, but keep up the good work. Overall the look today was good.. original .. different!♥

birdmonkey said...

You know I think I saw those Jenny Kee scarfs in the Smith Family but rejected them on account of thier oddness. I didn't realise they where Kee.

Canberra Craft Club is starting up again in Feb. If you Jackie want that draft stopper refashioned, or any readers find some Done, Kee, Jackson fabric, or torn of faded thins that could be re-worked for cause of What Ken be Done.

Send them to:
Emma Crafty
40 Miller St
ACT 2602

We have another version of that pink pillow case and a kaki canteen scarf on the go at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I think the bikers may have been grateful for your efforts...that door stopper could also substitute as a spare tyre tube perhaps! Love your efforts. xx

doc said...

LiP really is a saint!

LiP said...

I will be using your 'oversize necklace' as a draft stopper when winter comes.
I'm enjoying your project immensely.
Thank you.

Lyndel said...

oh no! Birdmonkey! I just sent off some Canteens and a Doona cover to Jackie on Saturday! (hope she doesnt try to turn a SB doona cover into jewellery!)~ L.

birdmonkey said...

classic Lyndel! a huge single bed draft stopper! next time..

What Ken Be Done? said...

Well it's a *good* thing I have a pretty strong sense of self, including my creativity, 'cause my necklace "artwork" sure has caused a comment raucous!!

I absolutely just love (sarcastically) that everyone entirely agreed with the LiP that it was a door-stopper-look-alike... no one wanted to disagree with the premise of the joke?!! Oh well, I guess even I'll admit that it WILL make a *great* door-stopper in three or so months time! :-)

Oh, and big props to birdmonkey for offering to work on more creative KD pursuits... I'll third the vote for people to send in odds and ends of Aussie 1980s fashion gold!

Thanks all xo

birdmonkey said...

hey we all loved your Obi!, and we are all just jealous that only you could carry off that necklace.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Birdmonkey: now you're just having me on ;-) xo