Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 217/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 8

Ken Done napkins worn as scarf and headband (donated by Cousin Christine), vintage hoop earrings from Shag, Bonds singlet, Tiffany Treloar singlet, George wrap (from op shop), Levis jeans, Campers, Jenny Kee bags.

Double Kee = bag x 2. Double Done = scarf x 2.

A few years ago I was walking past a garage sale and spotted this Tiffany Treloar singlet. I thought it looked fun, so handing over a dollar or two felt like a *good* enough investment. Little did I know that Tiffany Treloar is Prue Acton's daughter. I tell you, these Australian women designers from the 1980s have built an amazing style legacy for us all! (And yes, I do have some Prue Acton gear to share with you in the days to come...)


A. Fan said...

Can you do WKBD for x2 years?

What Ken Be Done? said...

Oh, A. Fan, aren't you sweet?! And unless you've got 365 other Ken Done pieces in the back of your wardrobe... then sadly no. This will be a shining 1980s light for 365 days, that is made brighter because it ends :-)

What Ken Be Done? said...

Oh, and on another item: thanks to some of my most *Amazing* Ken Done Detectives... it turns out Tiffany Treloar is about to donate some of her wonderful fabrics to none other than The Social Studio! How cool is that? Tiffany rocks!

Thanks too, Done Detectives xo xo

Anonymous said...

Go Tiffany...that is such good news. Amazing how TSS is just growing and thriving with the input of so many people out there - imagine the party and all of the people that would be there to help celebrate not only the Chinese year of the *Done*, but also of Australian Fashion designers. Happy Chinese New Year!