Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 245/365: Here's Looking at Lilly!

Ken Done glasses (WKBD collection), vintage shell earrings from op shop, Anthea Crawford dress donated by Susan, Ken Done scarf donated by Sally, vintage tights, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag donated Ken & Judy Done.

New Ken Done specs: so much BIG fun to be had!
And my glasses prove all the better to see these *amazing* photos of Lilly sporting a vintage Ken Done top (found by Mum Sally with it's original tags still on!).

This has be to be one of my favourite set of sequenced shots... SUPER thanks to Lilly for wearing Ken Done and being herself in such a *delightful* way! Love it!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 244/365: Done in The Den

I'm spending this Sunday whiling-away an afternoon in the LiP's Hawaiian Den. You thought I was the only collector in this house? Think again!! The Live-in-Photographer's vintage Hawaiiana collection truly is a sight to be seen... and this is only one corner you're getting to glimpse - really!!

On entering The Den, I couldn't work out if I'd need sunglasses or my day-glasses, so here I am snapped in my moment of indecision. It does mean I get to show off my trusty-vintage-sailboat--Ken Done-glasses case, and check out tomorrow to see my NEW Ken Done glasses inside!

This Sunday I also want to salute the 'fashion' turban. My *dream* is that as I age, I can learn to wear it as well as the *inspirational* Maggie T

Enjoy your Sunday, dear readers xo
Vintage fashion turban from op shop, vintage pin from Hawaii, vintage batwing Hawaiian top (a present from the LiP), Ken Done pants (WKBD collection), Fluevogs, vintage rings.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 243/365: I've just *Done* the housework...

Just look at how hard I've been working this morning on the housework. Of course this is what I've worn all day whilst scrubbing the floors and vacuuming the carpets. For, like any *good* housewife, I make sure I look the part at the same time as getting the work Done!

We've got a dear friend coming over for dinner this evening, and I'm pretty sure my outfit says Domestic Goddess and Done Fan. I've got Sally to thank for today's Ken Done piece, as she's specially made this Done-coaster into Done-hairpiece. The leather leaves say, 'Australiana' and the coaster reminds guests, 'Please don't mark the tables with your drink'!

... Now I better go and check that the LiP is suitably directed with the cooking; I wouldn't want my own vintage apron to actually get food scraps on it!
And *cheers* to the gorgeous Bec for sending in her WKBD eBay-won Ken Done singlet. Bec, my darling, you wear a Done oh-so-well! We can all see this Done item has gone to a very *good* home xo xo

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 242/365

Vintage Sunski glasses, vintage Yorker shirt donated by Rebecca, Miss Shop dress (from op shop), Saba belt, Ken Done pants donated by Cousin Christine, Birkenstocks, Australis scarf.

Today I've been out and about on the streets of Sydney. The above pic is me at my local post office *delightedly* going to the What Ken Be Done? PO Box to check for donations. Nothing today, but I still feel very *good* because I'm wearing a Ken Done inspired shirt donated from WKBD supporter, Rebecca. As she wrote and told me, she's always now on the look out for Done... and on one of her trips, when she spotted this 1980s shirt, she just couldn't let the opportunity pass her by. In her own words, the shirt proves a spectacular 80's mix of Grand Prix Formula One and Deck of Cards style in one!! Plus as you will see, this shirt is made in New Zealand, so I particularly wanted to wear it and send our *best wishes* to our Pacific neighbours at the moment.

The pic below is included because I wanted to share with you what I look like when I'm doing a radio interview... I'm in Hyde Park - which turned out to be the 'quietest' place I could find in the CBD! This is me speaking with Alex from ABC Local Radio Canberra. We had a wonderful chat this morning, and we got to invite all the Canberra locals to get involved in the WKBD challenge. Super!
Finally, my outfit today also takes inspiration from this fabulous shot sent in by birdmonkey. Check out the *spectacular* Androniki - a Melbourne zinester - wearing an Australis scarf (a.k.a. Ken Done rip off!) and animal-print sunglasses that match my own glasses today. Apparently Androniki has more Ken Done at home - so go on - send some photos in, please!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 241/365

'Share Affection, Not Infection'. I'm not really one for slogan shirts, but today my work takes me to a university 'O' Week, so I must don this slightly re-styled shirt and go and talk about safer sex and the importance of using condoms...

To go with the important messages, I needed a Ken Done piece that is both comfortable and *bright*. Thankfully, what with the recent handiwork of Suzanne Starbuck, I've got two amazing scarves to use as a headband and belt. And where did I get the idea from to wear Ken Done in this way? Well from my own nephew, Will and Suzanne's daughter Olivia. You, dear children, look *smashing*!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 240/365

Vintage Sunski glasses, earrings from Cairns Art Gallery, re-purposed 1997 Ken Done Calendar into necklace, vintage Anthea Crawford 'Sport' jacket, Sportscraft top, vintage Fletcher Jones skirt (all from op shop), Fluevogs, Ken Done tote.

**125 days to go, 70 items still needed. Please help me keep doing *good* fashion!**

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 239/365: Take one Ken Done doona and...

I'm decked out in Ken Done, and I couldn't be happier!

This *spectacular* pinafore-dress has been made specifically for What Ken Be Done? by the *hugely talented* - and wonderfully named - Suzanne Starbuck. A star indeed!

Here is a little about her: "Melbourne-based Suzanne Starbuck is a super talented mum who creates delightful, fun and practical homewares and accessories for mums and their little ones out of funky, fabulous fabrics. To see some of her work visit or e-mail her at" As you can see, Suzanne certainly knows her way around re-purposing a Ken Done 1980s doona with style!
And here is Suzanne's daughter, Olivia, showcasing her Mum's fantastic sewing skills. What a *good* Ken Done headband, Olivia, you look beautiful!

Special thanks x 1 to Suzanne and Olivia for the *fun* you've bought to WKBD!
Special thanks x 2 to my own sister-in-law, Susan for getting Suzanne and Olivia involved. So wonderful! xo xo

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 238/365: She's three times a lady! a.k.a Thanks Birdmonkey xo

Vintage Sunski glasses, South American necklace, Ken Done midriff (donated Ken & Judy Done), Sablon Australia jeans (from op shop), Camper boots, Ken Done bag (donated Cousin Christine).

I've decided I'm not quite finished trying out outfits that combine midriff tops and high-waisted jeans, so I've gone with a floral look today. You can see I'm pretty proud with this pastel, 1980s ensemble! (Does the top look familiar? See the other two versions I own, thanks to the donations of Ken & Judy Done: Day 159/365 and Day 108/365).

But enough about me, because look at the *AMAZING* fun photo sent in from the gorgeous birdmonkey...
She truly is a delight! And thanks to this artistry and public sharing of wonderful style, A. Fan owes What Ken Be Done another $10. Brilliant! We are off to a *good* start this week :-)
(This dress originally worn by me: Day 25/365)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 237/365: You know you've *made it* when you're in the local paper!!!

No one said this challenge was going to be easy... The days where I have to wear a cap prove the hardest for me as I *really don't like* sports hats at all. As a fashion retort, I've thrown on a midriff 1980s leopard top and my high-waisted jeans. And let me be the first to acknowledge that today's outfit is not going to make the WKBD annals as a high-point, but it is a Sunday, and I'm a little hung-over, so perhaps you'll cut me some slack?! ;-)
But you also know me, and I certainly don't want to leave you without some Ken Done fashion *love* today.

So behold this 1980s version of me making my first appearance on the front cover of a daily local paper - in 1985 - aged 6. I made the news because I invited Princess Diana and her hubby to my primary school on their visit to Australia. Unfortunately they couldn't make it (*goodness* knows why - my primary school *rocked*!), but I did get this special letter from the palace. Clearly this shows, I was born with the belief that anything is possible!!
And 26 years later, I made the front page of our local paper again! And now that I'm older I can truly say it's a kind of a creepy feeling seeing yourself looking out from every letter box in your street.

But what was *super sweet* is that my little neighbour Max saw the article in the Inner West Courier and came over to congratulate me on this charity project. Max's compliment means the world, and he agreed to a photo together! *Good* on you, Max!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 236/365: Join the Carnival!

Do you like my new, donated Ken Done glasses case**?
It proves very useful for my new vintage specs!
As you can see I've gone a little bit *carnival*, a little bit *troppo* today. I find myself seeing strange circus animals everywhere... on my brooch, my skirt, my jacket and even on my face! The animals are taking over! So why not join me at this carnival, and enjoy the ride today...
Vintage Sunski glasses, Tokyo Kamen brooch, re-purposed jacket by me from a Carol Hanlon original (80's Aussie designer), hand-made skirt from Fifties Fair, Fluevogs, donated Ken Done glasses case, Ken Done purse (matching with case).

** Darling Courtney who donated this glasses case to WKBD had a sad story to tell when she handed it over. Apparently, they originally had a pair of wonderful, vintage Ken Done glasses inside. But some naughty monkey went and swiped them, leaving the case empty... Thank *goodness* I can provide the case with a good home until an up-coming auction.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 235/365

Ken Done glasses, earrings & brooch from Japan, vintage Kaye Scott jacket (from op shop), belt (stolen from LiP for the day, Munk shorts (op shop), fishnet / plain stocking match, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag (donated by Susan).

I'm off to university today to deliver a paper on comics to an academic inspiration of mine. It would be fair to say I'm feeling *excitement* and *anxiety* in equal degrees. For the anxiety, I've got this kitsch-supremo Japanese kitten brooch. I mean, how could anyone say something academically-brutal (even if it is constructive) to me when I'm wearing such a cute brooch?! For the excitement, I'm being inspired by this *amazing* vintage Kaye Scott jacket, which I found in an op shop in Kensington. Mustard-colouring, pattern-clash, bat-wing sleeves and oversizing - could you get anymore '80s?!!

So today we might ask, was it Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory? No! It's Mistress Mustard in the classroom!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 234/365: This post will cost A. Fan $20 to read!

Ken Done glasses, Ken Done re-purposed shirt (donated Ken & Judy Done), vintage Saba dress, Jonathan Aston stockings, Fluevogs.

I found two of these shirts in a box of goodies that Judy Done-ated to the project. The original version with sleeves, can be seen on Day 141/365. But today I feature the second shirt which I cut the sleeves off to create a sleeveless bolero with matching cuffs! I'm always nervous before cutting in to a Done item, it feels somewhat sacrilegious! What do you reckon of my handiwork? Personally, I like the result and I'll reckon I will be rockin' the office 1980s style today, for sure :-)
And check out this *rockin* outfit created by Queen Done-nut Lyndel. She's *perfectly* styling up her eBay win Ken Done scarf (Day 30/365) and matched it oh-so-well with her snakeskin top. And not happy with just one auction item (all money raised going directly to The Social Studio), she's sent in a second photo too (worn Day 143/365). That's $20 so far being donated by A. Fan. Woo hoo!