Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 237/365: You know you've *made it* when you're in the local paper!!!

No one said this challenge was going to be easy... The days where I have to wear a cap prove the hardest for me as I *really don't like* sports hats at all. As a fashion retort, I've thrown on a midriff 1980s leopard top and my high-waisted jeans. And let me be the first to acknowledge that today's outfit is not going to make the WKBD annals as a high-point, but it is a Sunday, and I'm a little hung-over, so perhaps you'll cut me some slack?! ;-)
But you also know me, and I certainly don't want to leave you without some Ken Done fashion *love* today.

So behold this 1980s version of me making my first appearance on the front cover of a daily local paper - in 1985 - aged 6. I made the news because I invited Princess Diana and her hubby to my primary school on their visit to Australia. Unfortunately they couldn't make it (*goodness* knows why - my primary school *rocked*!), but I did get this special letter from the palace. Clearly this shows, I was born with the belief that anything is possible!!
And 26 years later, I made the front page of our local paper again! And now that I'm older I can truly say it's a kind of a creepy feeling seeing yourself looking out from every letter box in your street.

But what was *super sweet* is that my little neighbour Max saw the article in the Inner West Courier and came over to congratulate me on this charity project. Max's compliment means the world, and he agreed to a photo together! *Good* on you, Max!


birdmonkey said...

the cap is not the best Done item featured, but I think your yellow pants and top are as eye catching as anything you have worn so far.

And Hello Max! Hope to see you again in some Ken Done!

Sally said...

A letter from their Royal Highnesses! How absolutely amazing. You truly are a super star!

Anonymous said...

..."there's not much I won't wear"...

quote of the century!


Joanne said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful story

Frances said...

I agree with birdmonkey - You may be wearing a baseball cap, but you are also wearing an amazing pair of canary yellow pants. So this is still a win.

What Ken Be Done? said...

There is truly something *very* special happening when you can wear a so-so outfit 237 days into a year-long challenge, and still people off such WONDERFUL support.

You, dear readers, are a BIG part of what makes this challenge every day so *good*!

xo xo