Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 218/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 9

Handmade earrings, Gordon Smith bolero, vintage dress, Ken Done brooch, Birkenstocks, Ken Done Canteen scarf, Jenny Kee bag.

This is my newest Jenny Kee acquisition: a mint condition bag which is *seriously* rockin' out with Australiana motifs and 1980s design style. It's my first time ever wearing it out, so yes: I'm feeling very *good* on this 36 degree day so far!


birdmonkey said...

hey that's a new KD broach isn't it? details please- amazing bag!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that bag is amazing + vibrant.

I've enjoyed this Kee celebration.

Lyndel said...

yes, Im enjoying the JK too... like that bag, great colours!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Nice spotting birdmonkey, but alas not a new brooch. Check back in those distant early days to see when this wonderful kookaburra made first show:


Glad to hear the bag was a winner, too! In fact it was very hard not to crack it out on Day 214 recently...