Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 222/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 13

What was that question again dear reader?

Have I managed all by myself** on a 40 degree day to expertly match an outfit that includes the *golden* highlights of a Jenny Kee silk shirt and recycled lilac Fluevogs (that have never been worn), all with two other same lime-coloured Australian pieces (the Ken Done tote and Saba shorts)?

Well yes. Yes I have.

Thanks for noticing.

** Damn Live-In-Photographer (LiP) is out helping our friends move. It's so *hard* when your assistants are generous elsewhere, you know! ;-) xo
Oh, and given Jenny Kee's love for a funky portrait of herself on her clothing, I thought I share with you this *delightful* silver brooch which is modelled on little 'ol me (worn as necklace), that my friend Bec made of me a few years ago, and that I have added to my look today.

1 comment:

JJ said...

LOL! it looks like the camera was on a lean. i reckon you need the LiP to keep you looking straight. Fun outfit though!